Leaky Gut Package

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  • 6 days ZEN-DarmenDetox
  • 2 Permealine Integral
  • 1 liter ZEN-Colloidaal Zink
  • 1 liter ZEN-Colloidaal Zilver
  • 1 Lactibiane IKI

1. Pre-detox Phase - 2 days

Before you start the intestinal detox (ZEN-DarmenDetox) fast on broths and vegetable juices for 2 days. This is important because it will prepare the body for the removal of intestinal biofilm and it will calm the symptoms of leaky gut. 

Take 30 ml ZEN-Colloidaal Zilver in the evening

2. ZEN-Darmen Detox - 6 days

Start your intestinal detox cure withZEN-DarmenDetox. This is important because it removes the biofilm attached to the intestinal wall, from both small intestine and large intestine. Biofilms are bacterial populations that adhere to each other and other surfaces. They produce a mucus layer to protect themselves and become invisible to the immune system of the host. The biofilm prevents us from absorbing all the nutrients from the food we consume and in the case of leaky gut it stands in the way of healing the gut lining.

Continue to take 30 ml of ZEN-Colliodaal Zilver every day in the evening.

3. Repair Phase  - 28 days

After the ZEN-DarmenDetox cleanse you can start introducing food in the system slowly as in the case of any cleanse. It is advisable to start eating fermented foods and stay away from the Sensitive Seven ( peanuts, sea food, tree nuts, eggs, cow's milk, soy, wheat ). The sensitive seven can be reintroduced in the diet one by one to discover is there is a sensitivity to one or more of them. 

Every morning take 30 ml ZEN-Colloidaal Zink and 1 sachet Parmealine integral ( mixed in a glas of water).

Zinc is an essential mineral for cell renewing, especially beneficial for the health of the mucous membranes. Zinc supports the immune system and the skin repair function.

Permealine Integral is a prebiotic supplement rich in L-Glutamine and especially deigned to help repair the intestinal wall . L-Glutamine is an amino acid that has a powerful effect on improving the healing of the gut lining. 

Continue to take 30 ml of ZEN-Colliodaal Zilver every day in the evening.

4. Repopulate with healthy flora - 30 days

After the "repair phase" you can start repopulating your gut with healthy bacteria. By now the intestines are clean and the intestinal wall restored. It is the optimal time to repopulate the gut with probiotics.

Lactibiane Iki is a 30 day probiotic cure highly recommended for leaky gut. Every sachet contains 40 billion bacteria 3 probiotic strains (B. lactis LA 304, Lb. acidophilus LA 201, Lb. salivarius LA 302). 

Take every morning a sachet of Lactibiane Iki mixed in a glas of water.



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